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WD's insanely big 14TB HDD is down to £222, almost £90 off

1.6p per gigabyte for one of the largest capacity external drives.

Western Digital's 14TB Elements external hard drive is one of the largest you can buy, making it ideal for backing up entire computers, storing massive media libraries and generally being a massive data hoarder. It normally retails for around £300, but today it's dropped down to £222, an £89 discount below RRP.

If we type those numbers into the big computer here, it gives me a result of 1.6p per gigabyte. That's pretty good - I've seen slightly better values before, but it's rare to see it on a drive of this size. I won't go into the full spiel now, but for anyone that remembers the indignity of filling an entire drive with a single game install, way back in the prehistoric era of Windows 98 computer gaming, this is a frankly inconceivable amount of storage.

WD are generally a good choice in the external hard drive stakes, and many of their Elements drives include NAS-quality 3.5-inch drives which can be removed ('shucked') and used inside in a desktop PC if you prefer. Looking online, this particular model can come with different drives, but most are WD Red 7200RPM drives - so performance should be excellent, at least for spinning rust.

If we look online for similarly-sized drives, the discounted WD Elements model we've highlighted here is one of a kind. Most options cost between £250 and £350, whether you're looking at the likes of Toshiba, WD or Seagate. You can get a 16TB model instead for £279, but it costs slightly more per gigabyte.

I hope you found this HDD deal useful, and if you're looking for something a little faster - OK, a lot faster! - then check out these discounted WD SN850 PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

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