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The Sims 4 DLC adds lush outfits inspired by Indian and Korean fashion

I am yet again asking game devs to make me nice clothes IRL

Fashion Street and Incheon Arrivals are two new paid kits for The Sims 4 offering up some excellent looks based on Indian and South Korean fashion scenes. The former is inspired by Mumbai's very own Fashion Street, adding henna tattoos, wrap skirts and more. While the latter comes from Seoul's "airport style", offering the sorts of outfits celebs would be snapped in coming off an airplane. But also, they're the sorts of outfits I kinda wanna wear! Everything looks comfy and long, and I have a sudden need for a jacket that sweeps below my knees.

The Sims has done high street fashion collabs before, sure, but this one in particular has nice combos I think I'd actually buy. Between this and Deathloop's fashion, I'm gonna need game devs to start opening boutiques or something.

Cover image for YouTube videoJazzy Cho x The Sims 4 Incheon Arrivals Kit

The Fashion Street kit is directly inspired by Mumbai's fashion scene, and is made up of lots of flowy pieces and piercings for your Sims to rock.

"[The kit] is inspired by the Indian handloom (weaving) industry, which is preserving and rendering a beautiful picture of our age old heritage, known worldwide for its richness and purity of its textiles," says fashion curator Shruti Sitara Singh. "Each piece is adorned with lively colors and prints specific to different cultures, because Mumbai, the City of Dreams, is a melting pot."

The Sims 4 clothing styles inspired by Mumbai, India's Fashion Street.
The asymmetrical vests in particular are quite good, the sort of thing that would layer nicely over lots of clothes.
The Sims 4 clothing styles inspired by Mumbai, India's Fashion Street.
I really like the full-length gown in the right of this pic. Time to get The Sims ready for a ball, methinks.

As for the Incheon Arrivals kit, TV host and content creator Jazzy Cho says that one is influenced by South Korean airplane fashion.

"It stemmed from when the press would greet or welcome back traveling celebrities. It really began to boom with the rise in global popularity of K-pop, the internet, and social media," she explains. "Images of the hottest South Korean stars arriving or departing would be shared across the internet, and if one style that they were wearing goes viral, then that style becomes the trend of the season."

While it's a pretty modern style, the long, flowy shapes and angular pieces stem from hanbok, Korea's traditional dress. The kit comes with casual and semi-formal pieces, from long coats to sweatpants and hoodies.

The Sims 4 clothing inspired by South Korean celebrity airport culture.
This coat! This one please! Paired with that high-neck jumper, baggy jeans and trainers, this is an absolute autumn/winter look.
The Sims 4 clothing inspired by South Korean celebrity airport culture.
Another long coat offering. I like how this outfit is basically a lighter, more formal version of the black one. Less, "I fell asleep on the plane" and more, "I've been taking important business calls on my private jet."

Both kits are available to buy now for £5/€5/$5 each on PC, Mac, the PlayStations and Xboxes. The Incheon Arrivals kit can be found on Steam and Origin, and the Fashion Street kit is on Steam and Origin too.

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