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Deathloop concept art shows its characters being absolute fashion icons

I will empty my wallet for a jacket like Colt's

Hello, who is the stylist that designs the Deathloop characters' outfits and will you come to my house and design me some too, please? We're less than a week away from playing Arkane's 60s-themed stealth 'em up, and I'm utterly enamoured with the excellent clothes main characters Colt and Juliana get to wear.

In a recent blog post, assistant art director and lead character artist Jean-Baptiste Ferder shared a little bit of background on how Colt and Juliana were designed, along with some concept art showing various outfits for the stylish duo.

It's mostly just 60s fashion, right? But I'm not gonna do the whole, "Oh woe is me, I was born in the wrong decade" thing, because the 60s sucked for many reasons (and I quite like walking around with a tiny computer in my pocket). No, I was born in the perfect decade because Deathloop comes out in this one, and I very specifically want the devs to sell me the sweet outfits they've designed for it.

Yes I would like both of these coats, thank you.

Above is one of the early bits of concept art for Colt. The devs decided on the leather jacket in the end, but both of these looks are fab. On the left he looks a little like a pilot, and I'm a sucker for a bomber jacket with a fluffy collar. The leather gives him a more edgy vibe, especially with the biker gang-like motif on the back.

Ferder says the art team made loads of different outfit options before settling on the final looks we've seen in gameplay footage so far. "Each one told a story about who these characters are and we liked some of them so much that we decided to use them as alternative outfits for the characters," he adds.

Which brings me to the fashion icon that is Juilana.

She's trying to steal Colt's life, but her wardrobe has stolen my heart.

Look at her! A Black Widow-esque catsuit, a baby-blue shift dress, and baggy jacket over a smart orange shirt - she can do it all. Ferder says that each outfit is designed to reflect to tell a story about who she is, from the fitted suit showing she's skilled and athletic spy, to a pretty dress to hide that she's one of your fiercest opponents.

If someone designed clothes to reflect who I am, I would probably still be wearing oversized t-shirts and joggers everyday. That, or several boxes stacked on one another to look like a mech.

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Honestly, I can't think of a better time for Arkane to start a clothing brand. One half of their shop can be swish 60s fits, while the other could be, you know, Dishonored-style rat-nibbled coats. I'd still probably buy one.

It's not long now until we get to see these stylish wardrobes in action, at least in digital form, because Deathloop comes out next week, on September 14th. For more info on what the game has in store, check out my Deathloop preview from earlier this year for details on the weapons, supernatural abilities and multiplayer mode.

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