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Battlefield 2042's floating corpses bug made me laugh a lot

Wo-oah, we're halfway there! Wo-oah, we're sitting in the air!

You know, I was pretty disappointed that this weekend's Battlefield 2042 beta didn't have wingsuits. It's been one of the main things I'm looking forward to, leaping from buildings and gliding at unsuspecting foes, so it was sad that we didn't get to try it out. However, as I played, I realised that some players didn't seem to need wingsuits to get themselves off of the ground: they simply needed to die in a janky vehicle accident instead.

Bugs! You absolutely love to see them, at least when they're not game-breaking. The most common one I came across was the floating, seated man. These were the corpses of poor players who had perished in the explosion of a tank or jeep, whose souls were clearly not ready to leave said vehicle. It would take ages for them to despawn too, drawing crowds of onlookers to gawp at their airy graves.

Battlefield 2042's death physics seemed a little strange in general. While this man's body had clearly fallen once he died, he had somehow managed to hold onto the edge of a building with the strength of his neck and left arm alone (which is a lot for a dead guy). It's not quite as exciting as the sitting men, but it made me do a double take thinking I was about to be jumped on.

This next one is less a bug, and more an appreciation for BF's ragdoll physics. It's also a public roast of my mate who loves flying helicopters in games and is very bad at it. You know who you are. But thanks, I guess, for crashing in such a way that it sent my body spinning across the map like the world's shittest beyblade.

While all this floating and flying kept me very entertained, some of the best bugs involved the janky elevators inside the skyscraper. I didn't even know you could get in them until I watched my squadmate phase through the metal doors, and honestly, I wasn't convinced we were supposed to be in them after witnessing this.

Overall, the Battlefield 2042 beta was... alright? Truthfully, seeing all these daft bugs was the most fun I had, aside from that it all felt pretty average. It has some nice gimmicks: I got to see the rocket at one of the map's capture points take off, which was exciting. I also saw a cool tornado sweep in, though the match ended before I could throw myself into it. Ultimately, it strikes me as a game for existing Battlefield-likers, whereas folks coming into it for the first time (hello) might find a lot to be desired.

Still, in Ed's Battlefield 2042 preview he said the storms were game-changing, I reckon I may have gotten unlucky in that I didn't see much interesting weather.

Given this was my first experience with the series, I'm curious what everyone else thought of Battlefield 2042. Did you enjoy it? Did you get a taste of that nice weather? Or, better question, did you also see loads of floating men?

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