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Netflix's The Witcher gets a full season two trailer

It's very winning

Yesterday, Netflix released the trailer for season two of their live action adaptation of The Witcher. And it's fun! You can watch it below.

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Season two will launch on Netflix on December 17th. It's part of a growing collection of Witcher media being producing by Netflix, including the anime film The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf released earlier this year and an in-development live action prequel series called The Witcher: Blood Origin. A season three and "kid-friendly" series are also in development.

There's a lot of portentous nonsense in the above trailer, foretelling of a doomed world, doomed characters, and various grave encounters with different kinds of monsters. Yet even when The Witcher is being serious, I get the feeling that it doesn't really want to be that serious. It's not just that there's a joke or two in the trailer, but the wigs and the music and the special effects and the slow motion and the camera movements. This is pure Saturday tea-time comfort food. It's YA Game Of Thrones. It's Henry Cavill cosplay theatre. I mean all of these things as compliments.

When I watch the Uncharted movie trailer, I feel that I'm supposed to be genuinely thrilled and excited, when really I'm just thinking about how Spider-Man is dressing up as Nathan Drake for Halloween. The Witcher, meanwhile, is just low budget enough that it seems to be granting permission to treat it as enjoyable pap. My favourite kind of pap.

Anyway, I just watched all ten execrable Fast & Furious movies so really my critical barometer is wildly skewed right now. Season two drops, as mentioned, on December 17th.

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