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Old School RuneScape has added a new Group Ironman challenge mode

Take your team of five on a challenge run

Old School RuneScape - A cinematic trailer shows a group of players back to back in a foggy, snowy ruin getting ready to fight.
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Old School RuneScape's Ironman Mode is all about going it alone. The special account type requires you to tackle the game without trading, PvP, and other group activities. As of today, Ironman Mode is getting a big new change. Now you'll be able to play alone together. Jagex have now added the ability to form a group of up to five players who will all head out into the world as an Ironman team to tackle all of OSRS's big baddies as a crew.

"Groups of two to five players can join together and take on Gielinor’s nastiest beasts," Jagex say. "They can also trade their resources among one another, delve into new Group Storage, and visit each other’s Player Owned Houses. Groups will even be able to compete for leaderboard positions and prove that their gang is the greatest supergroup of Old School RuneScape."

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Similarly to solo Ironman, players start up a new account and make their way to The Node. There you'll be able to form a group of up to five, choose a leader and a team name, and register with the Ironman Tutor. Jagex share the rest of the particulars on registering and group mechanics in their announcement today.

Personally, I always quite like the showing off part of an MMO, which Ironman groups do have the opportunity for. Jagex say that grouped up Ironman players have a special name badge that separates them from other players and also solo Ironman players. They also receive a special armor set with big ol' roman numerals on their chests to show the size of their group. I admit I'd be the member of the crew idly standing about towns to casually show off my challenge mode participation.

Jagex explain in their press release today that every content addition for Old School RuneScape is voted on by players and has to receive a 75% majority to pass. The Group Ironman poll was the most-voted poll so far, receiving a total of 140,000 player votes and an 80% approval.

Jagex have made a few hotfixes already since the launch of Group Ironman mode to address some crashing issues and groups being booted or losing their Ironman status. You can spot those details also at the top of their post.

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