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What are we all playing this weekend?


Happy Bandcamp Friday, a thing I didn't know existed until two weeks ago when Alice0 mentioned it. But it sounds good! Celebrate by buying music from small artists, even if that music isn't anything to do with video games. Am I allowed to promote non-game things? Hmm. Not sure. We'll see if a gaming sniper (no-scope, natch) has taken me out by the end of this post or not. In the meantime, here are the games we're playing this weekend!

Alice Bee
I know it is probably incredible to hear me say this, but I have not yet played the Young Poirot detective game, a situation that must surely be remedied. Also, I am enjoying New World, which I am playing entirely by myself roleplaying as a whimsical pirate duelist.

I don't know if my brain is up to it this weekend but the new Outer Wilds expansion is hard to resist. Especially because the sooner I play, the fewer surprises I'll hear about from folks gushing over it.

This weekend, I finish Deathloop. I don't know if you've heard, but it's quite the decent computer game.

Cover image for YouTube videoDEATHLOOP - Official Launch Trailer: Countdown to Freedom

More Halo Infinite for me on this fine weekend. Big Team Battle has landed too, which should mean classic 12 vs 12 carnage. Hoo boy, what a treat.

After only a short couple of weeks at RPS, I’m in need of a holiday just to get away from this horrible lot. That means no PC (and sadly no New World), so I’ll be relying on my Nintendo Switch to get me through the week. I really should go back and finish Monster Hunter Rise, but I think I’ll spend my time on Game Dev Tycoon instead. Playing Startup Panic as part of Steam Next Fest (which has some awesome demos) reignited a management sim spark that I haven’t been able to shake since.

[Hayden will be fired on his return for INSOLENCE. - .ed]

Imogen is on holiday.

I'm working on one last Minecraft world before the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. Though as usually I'm playing it incorrectly by wandering off exploring, rather the building, mining or generally crafting anything.

A warrior fights a sphinx in ActRaiser Renaissance
ActRaiser came out the same year I was born, what is this?

Man alive, there are too many good video games I want to play right now, but I will probably be continuing my journey with Sable and ActRaiser Renaissance this weekend (along with my morning dose of Dorfromantik on the side, of course).

In what I'm sure is a rather familiar story to many, for the first time in many months I've started a new Valheim game with the family. It took a short while to get back into the swing of things, but now we're advancing steadily into the Bronze Age, and I've also levelled an entire (albeit very small) section of Black Forest near spawn as recompense for the Greydwarf attacks that plagued my early house-building attempts. I now refer to my axe solely by its true name, "Conflict Escalation".

In a rare burst of single-game focus, I actually finished the main story in Life Is Strange: True Colors in time to catch the hype for the Wavelengths DLC released on Thursday. This bonus chapter looks like the fanserviest part of an already very fanservicey game, but since I am absolutely one of the fans benefitting from said service, I'm not going to pretend I'm not excited to play it. Afterwards, time permitting, I'll hopefully return to The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which I was really into until True Colors came along and hogged all my attention.

But you, reader dear, what are you playing this we-BLAT! BLAT!

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