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Pretty Sneaky, Styx - Styx: Master of Shadows' First Trailer

But will it styx the landing?

Hey everyone, it's Styx! You remember Styx, don't you? You know, from the party that one time? And when he found your lost cat, nursed it back to health, replaced its missing foot with a tinker toy, and returned it to you safe and sound? Oh wait, no, I'm thinking of someone else. This guy. Styx: Master of Shadows, you'll remember, is a stealth-heavy RPG about a thieving goblin who was conceived while his parents listened to "Come Sail Away" on repeat or something. On one hand, a stealth role-player with a focus on vertical level design sounds interesting, but on the other, the last time Cyanide dabbled in stealth was in Of Orcs And Men's abysmal sneaking sections. But hey, at least Styx's first trailer looks pretty solid.

So there's your brief glimpse of the duct-and-dagger-packed adventure. I like how the camera seems to emphasize and utilize Styx's small stature, which could make for some interesting gameplay dynamics. But, at the same time, a lot of this trailer is very cinematic in nature, so there's no telling how well sneaking and stealing actually work in practice.

As ever with Cyanide productions, I plan to keep a cautious eye on this one. The studio's got ambition oozing from its pointy earholes and a modicum of talent to boot, but it just hasn't succeeded at putting those pieces together yet. They are, one might say, renegades, but as of yet they don't quite have it made. It seems like they're getting closer with each effort, though, so here's hoping for the best from Styx.

It'll be out later this year. Who's considering giving it a go?

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