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Thought Bubbles: Inside Kingdom Come: Deliverance's AI

Brain training

"While we don't have dragons, we have chickens," has just become my favourite developer quote of all time. For a brief moment I was imagining a world-dominating chicken that people would live in terror of. The giant beak, the angry peck, the awkward, flappy attempt at flight... terrifying. But context is important, and in this case that quote is about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a game that doesn't have dragons because it wants to be a reasonably realistic portrayal of medieval life. That means it doesn't have giant chooks, either. The chicken example is just a way of introducing the game's AI, which promises to have day and night cycles for the animals as well as the humans. Why not join Felix Baumgartner below the cut to find out more?

It's all stuff we've heard before: the AI will go about their day, and you'll be there to disrupt it, meaning if you visit a blacksmith in the middle of the night to deliver a package he won't respond favourably, but I think they're onto something with some of the tricks they're pulling off. NPCs will play the same mini-games to craft that the player will, which means your actions are represented in the world as a whole. I like the look of the fabric they're weaving.

This is going to happen. The Kickstarter has gathered more than enough to be successful, and there's still three days to go.

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