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Let There Be: Child Of Light Out April 30


Nathan has written about Child Of Light, extensively. I just went back and read all of his words and those of the developers, but I'm still confused. Along with the release date announcement (April 30th), Ubi have released a dazzling trailer and it keeps telling me that the game is an RPG, with crafting and skill trees and turn-based combat. I see that occasionally. But I also see a platformer starring the scarf from Journey. Baffling.

Whether it be platformer or RPG, or something in between, Child of Light is absolutely gorgeous. The same part of me that is tickled pink by the presence of Rayman's lovely groceries on PC is delighted to see Child of Light heading our way and on the same date as it's due on console.

It genuinely took me until about a minute into the video to realise that what I thought was the scarf from Journey is actually a beautifully animated head of hair. I have also been known to mistake moustaches for mittens, and beards for balaclavas.

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