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Emotional Rescue: Child Of Light's World Sure Is Pretty

It's been emotional.

Now that John is on sabbatical, where will RPS turn when they need someone who understands emotions? Child of Light is about a young girl exploring a twinkling world of wonder and danger, and probably its story will require descriptors like "tender" and "heartfelt". The rest of us aren't equipped to deal with such things. Case in point: the plinky-plonky video tour of the game's world, Lemuria, which can be found below. I'm too scared to watch it myself, but I showed it to Adam and he hasn't stopped screaming since. He seems so confused and angry.

OK, I tried to watch the trailer, but all I saw were some indistinct shapes. It's like the time when I was a kid and a mouse trap in our kitchen caught its target; my dad pointed to it, but I couldn't see it. My brain is shielding me from things I'm not mature enough to understand.

Edge's Nathan Brown brings serious insight on Twitter, however. Lemuria is also the name of those who made this bit of summertime Hawaiian funk:

This I can understand.

Child of Light is out on April 30th. We're making Alec read poetry in the hope he'll be ready.

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