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Keen Arrow: Towerfall Lands March 11

Harrowing local multiplayer

The gleeful multiplayer exploits of Towerfall have long been the best (and perhaps) only reason to own the US Marine Corps sponsored Oorah! console. When we heard that a PC version was coming, with oodles of new features, I refused to be excited. I expected the newly colonised Towerfall: Ascension to show its face at shady conventions and to be passed around on sleek USB sticks at exclusive awards shows like Nidhogg before it. As the trailer below admirably demonstrates, Towerfall looks absolutely brilliant - a slapstick Spelunky deathmatch. The good news is that you won't have to be in with the in crowd to play it. It's out on March 11th. You will need friends though because multiplayer is local only, with no online support.

I just described that video as 'multiplayer Spelunky-Joust' in the underground RPS chatroom. Ignoring the fact that Joust is generally multiplayer, I don't think that's a bad summary.

As well as fifty new levels, and additional variants and powerups, Ascension adds a Quest mode, in which 1-2 players defend arenas as monsters invade. Jolly good.

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