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Dying Light Trailer Is A Big Smelly Tease

"fleet-footed zombie dodger"

Did you know that the costumes the Alliance soldiers wear in the Firefly episode The Train Job were originally used in Starship Troopers? That sort of recycling happens all the time in movies and TV. I'm a person of limited imagination, so when I first spotted Techland's Dying Light, it appeared to me that they had swathes of zombie material lying around from Dead Island and decided to reshape it into a game about free-running past the undead. I still kind of stand by that. Whatever its inception, the fleet-footed zombie dodger is coming out pretty soon, and there's a wee teaser trailer for you below.

The trailer posits that something is happening on the February the 11th, and if you're interested in the game then you should mark it on your calendar with a big, sloppy kiss. The cynic in me suggests it's a more detailed trailer, but the excitable child in there--the one I let out when space games are mentioned--is pulling at my sleeve and mouthing the word "demo". I don't know, but I'd suggest that there's already plenty of footage of the game out there, so teasing that there's more to come would be a remarkably dim thing to do. And it's supposedly out in March, which means Feb is the perfect time for a demo release.

Wow. That was more text than game.

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