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Mirror's Sledge: 12 Minutes Of Dying Light Footage

Oh my, Techland's totally-not-a-Dead-Island-sequel-despite-being-set-on-an-island-of-the-dead game Dying Light actually looks good. Really good. After Dead Island: Riptide capsized into a swirling maelstrom of disappointment, I was expecting the worst, but I think I'm actually excited. For another zombie game. Will wonders never cease? Techland's put out 12 minutes of gameplay footage, and its blend of Mirror's-Edge-inspired sprintleaping, undead slide-kicking, and sheer, adrenaline-soaked night flight terror looks wonderfully promising. Watch below.

Yes, I know it's 12 entire minutes long and your attention span has atrophied to the point of resembling a patch of decayed zombie flesh, but stick around until the end. The nighttime segment might just be the best. I love that the game shifts from fairly standard action-runner to a ridiculously frantic stealth/escape setup. I mean, there's always the chance that stealth could be frustrating or broken (Techland hasn't exactly proven to be the best with AI in the past), but fleeing while beefed-up, hyper-mobile zombies give chase looks absolutely thrilling.

Can Techland pull it all together, though? That's my main worry. A few systems still look sort of janky, and the sense of speed/impact is missing that special something that separates the likes of Mirror's Edge from, well, pretty much every other first-person game.

On the upside, Dying Light won't be out until sometime next year, so Techland's got plenty of time to polish up the grimier sections of its bilious guts. Now then, everyone repeat after me: please be good please be good please be good ok this is the last zombie game i will ever play i promise please be good.

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