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New Angle: Catapult For Hire Turns To Kickstarter

Freelance flinging

*Furiously bangs gavel on empty oil drum*

Listen. You can go fishing with your catapult. I've been violently enthusing about Tyrone Henrie's Catapult For Hire since I first encountered it in October of 2011. The game has been in development for three and a half years, and the freelance protagonist faces many of the struggles that are familiar to a hard-working indie developer, balancing projects and financial matters. The prototype I played was joyous, a whimsical and superbly crafted blend of high adventure and physics-based destruction. The Kickstarter is aiming for $36,000 to allow Tyrone to devote all his energies to the game for the first time and if it doesn't succeed, I will be moved to believe that people do not care for wonderful and strange creations. A video should convince you if I cannot.

I feel comfortable suggesting that a pledge is a fine idea if anything about the game appeals and you'd like to play it. Having already spent time with a solid slice of catapulting action, I'm confident that the basics are in place and that the extra few months of work will lead, at the very least, to a functional game, as advertised.

If everything goes to plan, it'll be much more than that and with its puzzles, grand campaign, actually entertaining boss battles and catapults that can go fishing, I wouldn't be surprised if Tyrone ended up with a hit. Should he fulfil the early promise, and add as much content and variety as suggested, Catapult For Hire might well end up being one of my favourites this year.

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