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Sinister Is A Haptic Controller From Planet Cybertron

Out of controller

The absolute best thing about the completely bonkers Sinister PC game controller's Kickstarter is they appear to have made a mock-up out of papier mache and Lego. I'm not sure I can cope with anything so adorable. The hand-painted buttons! This mad Transformer-looking device frankly scares me - it looks like it will ker-char-ker-cher its way around my hand, until I've got A ROBOT HAND, and then it will go around doing robot hand crimes and I'll get the blame. However, this feature isn't mentioned anywhere in the pitch video, which is below.

I cannot figure out whether this is something I want to use or not. Haptic feedback has yet to convince me of anything, since unless it's a game in which I'm playing a sentient detached hand (oh gawd, someone has to make a Thing T. Thing game instantly), the physical sensations don't really translate to what's happening in the game. "Ow, you shot me in the hand, again." But then, what if this is just the best way to play PC games, and I'll look back and laugh at how I used to fumble about with an entire keyboard and mouse?

They're after just $100,000 to bring the project to life (oh but please keep the hand-painted buttons), which will allow them to create prototypes to send out to backers. This will be a sort of beta program, and based on feedback from that, they'll refine and tweak for the full commercial build. Orrrrrrrr the whole thing will fizzle. It's one of those two.

While there's an array of lower-level pledge rates for those wanting to patronise the development, shit gets real at $80. Miss the early bird deals and it'll be $120. They've only just launched, and already there's a good amount of interest. It'll be interesting to see if this reaches its goal, and more interesting to see if just $100,000 is enough to produce the prototype.

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