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Board To Death: OlliOlli Coming To PC

Rezzed to showcase skating game

I haven't played a skating game since the last Tony Hawk that was actually a skating game rather than a modern American soap opera. The plot synopsis for a skating game should never be more than a thousand words long and it certainly shouldn't contain sentences like this: "Gaining their approval, he is let into the ranch, and meets the leader of the group, Iggy VanZant, a very rough type guy who isn't fond of outsiders. He agrees to let him crash at the ranch if he obtains some wood for a half-pipe he is building."

Thank the skate lords for OlliOlli then, a side-scrolling burst of speed and trickery that pleased owners of Playstation Vital Systems when it was released on the handheld last month. The trailer below is rather spiffy and the PC version will be playable at EGX Rezzed, where developers Roll7 will also unveil their next game.

OlliOlli comes to PC courtesy of Devolver's publishing powers. They'll also be bringing Always Sometimes Monsters, the wonderful Broforce, Gods Will Be Watching, Hotline Miami 2 and Luftrausers. Not a bad haul.

Maybe I'll see you there. Just look for the astonishingly sophisticated man about town sipping a gin and tonic at 10am. And ask him if I got home from the pub the night before.

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