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Bromantic: Devolver To Publish Broforce

Heading to Early Access this March

Broforce is the smartest game with the dumbest name. Eighties action movies are the thematic springboard from which it leaps through the air - in slow-motion, away from an exploding nuclear power station, with a knife between its teeth - but its design is as retro as a 3d printed sculpture of the future. The blocky graphics might suggest otherwise but developers Free Lives have taken the run 'n' gun basics of Contra and spliced them with the full force of modern trends and techniques. Along with a gloriously effective arsenal, Broforce contains fully destructible scenery, variable attack patterns, exquisite particle effects and a dash of Spelunky-like compulsion. It's heading to Steam Early Access this March under the guidance of publisher Devolver and if that news doesn't make your mullet stand on end, you clearly haven't played the free Brototype. Do so immediately.

Did he say 'coconuts' or 'broconuts'? Perplexing.

I mentioned 'the full force of modern trends and techniques' earlier, which probably led you to believe that Broforce is a procedurally generated multiplayer survival roguelike that is responsible for 4% of Youtube's entire library. There is multiplayer but it's entirely optional, pitting the likes of Rambro against Brobocop in several competitive modes. The full game, due sometime during Summer like all the best action blockbusters, will contain a level editor.

It's daft, funny and extraordinarily well-crafted. The demo was one of last year's most pleasant surprises and I'll listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Body Workout on repeat until next Christmas if the full game isn't as splendid as I expect it to be. And I expect it to be very splendid indeed.

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