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Nod And Smile: C&C-Inspired FPS Renegade-X Released

Big daddy Kane would be proud

Renegade-X, which we previously reported would be released on its release date, has now been released on its release date. The Command & Conquer-inspired multiplayer shooter is now in open beta and available to download for free, although it looks like the official site is getting a bit hammered.

Here's the release date announcement trailer from late last year:

That its Command & Conquer "inspired" is important. Renegade-X began life as a project to re-launch Renegade, Westwood's ugly, awful and ill-fated first-person shooter set within the Command & Conquer universe. After years of effort, its team took the wise decision to distance themselves slightly from the original source material, lest they run afoul of a certain publisher's lawyers. As it is, it's still a clear homage to its source material, but acknowledged and permitted by C&C's owners.

Conceptually, the game sounds as exciting as Renegade was upon its own release: a hybrid of first-person, third-person and real-time strategy, where two teams do war under the leadership of a commander able to give orders and drop vehicles on the battlefield. Given the paucity of science-fiction multiplayer shooters - Battlefield 2142 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars were a long time ago, Titanfall isn't yet here - it's great to have something big, meaty and best of all totally free to play.

There are a bunch of download mirrors available from the official site, including a well-seeded torrent. This is like mod releases of old.

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