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Sparkling Sequel: Waves - Arena Tactics Hits Kickstarter

It's neON

Gorgeous, punishing and rare, Waves was a top-down twin-stick shooter that did more with a single screen and five minute bursts of action than some first-person shooters do with world-spanning multi-million dollar campaigns. I first played it at the Eurogamer Expo and, upon remembering that I'm cack-handed when it comes to speedy action, I shrank away from the controller to save face. And then I went home and bought it to practice in the safety of my own home. The sequel has just arrived on Kickstarter, after two years of development, and £30,000 is needed to complete the design. It looks fantastic, adding procedurally generated arenas, online multiplayer, new weapons and much more. Video below.

Here's a list of what the sequel already contains:

Procedural Arena Generation
Inventory and Equipment System
Modular Weapons, Buffs and Debuffs system
All new AI interface
Online Multiplayer Integrated with Steamworks
Ten Unique Weapons
Five Super Weapons
Eight Support Items
Ten Single Player Arenas
Eight Enemies

And here's what the Kickstarter money will pay for:

Soundtrack by Robert Stjärnström of Machinae Supremacy
Five Singleplayer Game Modes
Five Competitive multiplayer Game Modes
Two Co-Operative mulitplayer Game Modes
Seven New Enemies
Dozens of Upgrades
New Arena and Enemy Art
Multiplayer Arenas
Testing and Balancing and Testing and Balancing

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