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Wurm Online Offline: Puts Out Bounty To Catch DDoSsers


Wurm Online, the long running MMO famously co-created by Notch, is currently Wurm Offline. Some scumbag DDoSpots took the site offline this week, and it's not yet back up. In response the developers, Code Club AB, have offered a €10,000 reward for "tips leading to a conviction."

This is all the more galling for the studio, as the game's 1.2 update (they only reached 1.0 in 2012, six years after it launched - 1.2 was a big deal) was launched on Tuesday. That was the day the DDoS was launched. At the time they stated on their site,

"We can offer 10 000 Euro for any tips or evidence leading to a conviction of the person responsible for this attack."

Yesterday the attack was still ongoing, so their Swedish hosts were forced to keep the game offline. The company updated to say the game is still not back up, but they're hoping for soon. And they're going for a hosting change.

"Since we do not know how, when or under which circumstances our current hosting company want to bring our servers back online we are working on retrieving the data from those servers and put on the new planned hosting. We have the new hosting prepared but it will take a while to set it up."

So new servers should mean improved performance for the game overall. They're making lemonade. And as RPS knows, a good host can mean DDoS attempts can be headed off at the pass. And they have the game data from moments before the attack, so if they need to roll back, it shouldn't affect players too seriously.

At the time of writing the registration servers weren't yet up and running, but the chances are - teething issues aside - it could be back to normal by this evening.

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