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By All Means, Watch This Hour Of Nosgoth Footage

On the Nos

For those of you who forgot to jack into the "What the hell is Nosgoth?" assimilation pod, here's a text-based recap: it's an upcoming free-to-play online shooter set in the Legacy of Kain universe, which suddenly seems like a terrifying look into gaming's future. It's currently in closed alpha, but they've peeled back the curtains just enough to allow others a glimpse into what I can only describe as a third-person online action game between people and vampires. If you're keen, there is a whole hour of developer hosted footage to the south.

Hmm. It looks like a perfectly okay online action game, and almost nothing in there reminds me of Legacy Of Kain, which was slow, dark, remarkably well-written, and perhaps most importantly it was not a free-to-play online shooter. Over the hour, we see plenty of powers to swap and weapons to fiddle with, which is the lifeblood of free-to-play (the dev chit-chat makes it clear that weapons can be unlocked or purchased).

But some of the vampire powers do have entertaining Dracula-ish qualities: zapping into other players' minds and controlling their body could be fun, and I'll probably overuse the ability to fly while dangling a captured enemy from my claws, because hooray! I'm in that midway point between convinced and unconvinced, and I'll grab it out of curiosity rather than excitement.

Thanks to PCG.

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