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Phew: EVE Valkyrie Officially An Oculus Launch Title

Releasing EVEntually

You might remember that I recently encountered a peculiar situation while chatting with CCP about virtual reality magic face-space portal EVE Valkyrie. Namely, the developer refused to confirm that the seeming PC shoe-in would even launch on PC at all, or even Oculus Rift for that matter. Madness, right? I'm leaning toward "yes," given that CCP and Oculus are now walking down the aisle, eyes locked in the beautiful, undiluted sort of love that can only blossom from a co-publishing deal. You can be rest easy, ladies and gentlemen. Valkyrie is safe. It's not dodging PC in favor of, um... what were its other options again?

Oculus announced the co-publishing deal in a blog post:

"We’re thrilled to announce that the first Oculus co-publishing project is none other than EVE: Valkyrie, making Valkyrie an exclusive Oculus Rift launch title. We couldn’t be more excited for the future of Valkyrie, and we’re thrilled to help CCP bring the best possible made-for-VR experience to the Rift."

Oculus is now looking into developing and publishing games in addition to crafting virtual reality hardware to make sure we never have to exist on this miserable mortal plane ever again. EVE Valkyrie is the first title on its roster, but almost assuredly not the last. Among others, John Carmack's got something kicking around in the ol' cybertronic brain oven. I wonder if it will have guns.

Probably not.

Both Oculus Rift and EVE Valkyrie are still without release dates, but at least we know they're coming, uh, eventually. I've got an interview soon, so hopefully I'll be able to use my formidable space politicking skills to find out a little more.

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