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EVE Valkyrie Blasts Off With Launch Trailer

Interstellar conflict

EVE Valkyrie [official site], launch title for Oculus Rift, has launched, as you might expect given the Rift also launched yesterday. I've typed the word "launch" too much and now it doesn't make sense and I've started thinking about "lunch". Lunch was great. Bring back lunch.

ANYWAY, to celebrate the launch of this launch game in which you launch spaceships down launch tubes and then launch gunfire at the other launched spaceships there is a launch trailer on YouTube. You might say that the launch trailer launched on YouTube.


Here's some virtual reality space dogfighting:

Watch on YouTube

The video is narrated by Katee Sackhoff - you'll likely know her as ace pilot, Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace in Battlestar Galactica - and she kind of explains the rhythm of the game by explaining how death works but in a very trailer-y way. I like it.

The cold death and the canopy explosion she's talking about is what happens to your ship each time you get blown out of the sky. You sort of see your cockpit shatter and your avatar's limbs freeze before you go back to the launch tube. Then you respawn, hopefully having learned something from that death and that experience, and set out again.

I also like that the trailer has a moment where it essentially goes "yeah, and you'll also make mistakes" and then shows a pilot just driving into a bit of space detritus and exploding.

I haven't played Valkyrie today or yesterday because I don't have a Rift. Graham is hoarding his like some kind of virtual reality-obsessed dragon, sitting on the headset and breathing fire at people who want to borrow it but I did attend a preview a few months ago where I played a variety of modes and learned a whole bunch about ship classes and so forth which you can read here.


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