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Plane Sailing: Warlock II - The Exiled


Warlock II is shaping up to be one of the most efficient sequels of all time. After a brief play and a prolonged chat with the producer, I'm confident that the developers have at least tried to address most of the complaints aimed at the original game and the shattered world structure adds a layer of management and strategic planning that I hadn't expected. It's also a fine game for people interested in exploring weird realms and the trailer below shows some of the different world types on offer. There's also a refreshing alternative to the usual earnest fantasy voiceover. This video is narrated by A D Ventureman, Adventureman.

The brief blurb that was bundled with the video also reminds me of an aspect that I forgot to mention in my preview - customisable spells. In a manner reminiscent of ARPG items, spells have 'sockets' that can be enchanted with items randomly discovered across the world, during questing or combat. They're tricky customers, usually modifying one aspect of the spell in a positive fashion while limiting its power elsewhere. Casting time might increase, for example, while damage dealt increases.

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