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Mightier Magic: Warlock 2 Annnounced

Warlock sometimes changes

Paradox have produced a rather amusing trailer to announce the upcoming Warlock 2: The Exiled. A sequel to Master of the Arcane is certainly worth paying attention to. The original was a tightly packaged fantasy-civ, with alternate planes of reality to conquer and gentlemanly werewolves. The sequel looks like more of the same - much more - and the slightly unhinged streak is still on display, making the world far more interesting than the usual goblins versus elves malarkey. Prepare for 'wolves the size of cities' and 'cities shaped like wolves'. That sort of thing.

Seeing this made me want to install Warlock again. Despite enjoying it, I didn't return very often after I'd finished writing about it. Other games showed up and captured the attention of my wandering hands. Probably best to wait for the sequel now, which has reminded me of Masters of the Broken World vibe with those floating fragments at the end. Maybe I'll reinstall that as well. Maybe I'll never play anything new ever again.

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