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Blue Sky Fragging: Sky Rogue

If only I could make a Taupe Gun pun

Any game described "fwooshy" will immediately take up space on my hard-drive, and if it's also described as a "feel good flight sim" then I am down with it. That's what Sky Rogue is: a procedurally-generated arcade flight-sim painted in that happy blue that doesn't exist in nature (the one that Billy Connolly describes as "Fuckin' BLUUUUUEEE!"), but the blue that I think of when I think of Sega Dreamcast games. In that bluingest of blues you'll pick your aircraft, kit out its weaponry, and shoot things.

I've had some moments on and off with Sky Rogue, and it's a sweet little arcade shooter. It's immediately welcoming and then tougher than you'd expect: every game begins with the selection of your plane and some load-out fiddling that will allow you to spend acquired scrap on more ammo and upgrades. I've yet to make it past the first island, so that route has been blocked to me, taken away by the curling homing missiles of the multiple aggressive AI sky bastards that appeared. It was a fun, few moments of swirling combat that left the sky scarred with the white trail of rockets. Anyway, the 'Rogue' in the title is because of the procedural generation and the permadeath, so I don't think I'll be exploring those upgrades any time soon. For now, gifs!

The current alpha is "pay what you want", so it could be free, or you could pay a millionty bajillion Peggles

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