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The Electronic Wireless Show S2 Episode 21: PC Gaming Podcast Simulator 2023

Wait, is it still about PC gaming if sims aren’t games

A helicopter, carrying cargo, approaches a lone ship in Microsoft Flight Sim 2024.
Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

When is a game not a game? When it’s a sim, according to the head developer of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. While we quickly agree on a "fair enough" response to this assertation of non-gameyness, we also can’t help but spend much of this latest Electronic Wireless Show podcast remembering the most fun we’ve in the diverse world of sims, be it some actual flight simulating or merely bullying smaller dinosaurs. Also: we chat about how big a deal it is that the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection might not support mouse and keyboard on PC, and discuss what we’ve been playing this week.

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Music is by Jack de Quidt.

We record on Tuesday, so some things might have changed by the time you listen.

Recommendations this week are the apparently quite versatile ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker, and Clutch’s 2013 album Earth Rocker.

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