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Microsoft Flight Simulator's aviation career-focused sequel arrives this November

With more than a dozen jobs to perform

I love me a Flight Simulator, but never more when there's some dramatic structure to my flight. That's why I've long been looking forward to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024. It takes the staggeringly detailed world and flight model of Asobo's Flight Sim revival, and adds a job system on top. And now it has a release date: November 19th.

The release date trailer for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.Watch on YouTube

We already knew that a lot of these jobs would be present, after the announcement last year, but even still there's a surprising quantity of them. Commercial flight! Sky advertising! Crop duster! Air ambulance! Emergency rescue! VIP charter service! And on, and on.

Flight Sim's development team clarified last year that these would not be "game-y" missions, because Flight Simulatir is "not a game". Instead, they're designed to be simulations in the way the rest of the game is, and Asobo are working with organisations that perform these duties around the world to make it as accurate as possible.

Fingers crossed it's still a little game-y, though. I love the rigour with which Flight Sim crafts its simulation, but then I like to clown around within it.

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