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Iubes Is Shareware, Also A Kind Of Darwinian Minecraft

Apply liberally

Iubes: the game with the name that looks a bit unfortunate in our post title font. Iubes: intelligent cubes, who roam around the inside of a spherical world. Iubes: a sort of speeding god game mashed up with a real-time strategy game.

It's now available to download as shareware, with a paid version if you want to play the game's online mode.

Here's the most recent trailer:

The idea is to design a functioning city by plopping down buildings and depending on your little creatures to scurry around building them for you. The world has a day night cycle, and while you can speed up time, by default day lasts an hour. At night, your dead iubes rise from the graveyard, meaning you to fight them back down. It... it sounds a bit strange.

The multiplayer mode is no less unusual, requiring you not to beat a real-time opponent in a one-on-one fight, but beat the strategy they used in their previous battle. If you win, other players will then fight against your recorded strategy. The idea is to, essentially, have the most efficient method of playing the game.

It all sounds super interesting. The game is £9.75/$15 if you want to take it online, but it sounds as if there's plenty of game to try for free first. That's what I'm doing now.

Thanks, PixelProspector.

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