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Tabletop Simulator Makes Me So Happy

Chess what the doctor ordered

As the world's pre-eminent tables-in-games journalist, Tabletop Simulator pleases me. It's a game of games, full of things like chess, backgammon, and a deck of cards. The neat twist is that it places these classic games in a physics sandbox, so you can pluck up the pieces and place them calmly and gently on the board, or you can be a little bit more creative and use the physics to whack them away and hope that your multiplayer friends don't get in a huff. And if they do, well Tabletop Simulator also enables you to create your own board games to share, so Chess Royale 3000 could be a totally legitimate thing

I like it when someone takes a very simple thing that exists in the real-world--tipping over chess pieces--and lets me do it online. Why do I like that? I've no idea, but it probably has something to do with the way my brother and I would play chess as children: it involved a long hallway and some marbles and my mum getting angry at me. Well she can't get angry at me if I do it in the virtual world, can she?

Just watch the trailer: it is a lovely wee thing and I completely approve of it.

They are on Greenlight, and they have a Kickstarter ticking along as well. The stretch goals on the Kickstarter include adding an RPG kit. That could be wonderful.

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