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Slaves To The Rhthym: Galactic Princess Kickstarter

An oldish hope

Space smuggler sim/adventure/ship-builder/I don't really know Galactic Princess drew a salute of admiration from Craig late last year, and now it hopes to inspire a similar reaction from a few thousand people as it tries to obtain £20,000 without the Spacecops noticing. Er, by which I mean that it's on Kickstarter, not that it's stealing cash.

It's a lovely looking (and sounding) thing, like FTL and Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery threw a 1980s-themed party. Modular ship building, pew-pew party combat, Eliteish choice of what sort of space-type you want to be - a diplomatic sort, an honest trader, an arms dealer, even a slaver. Ick.

I think there might even be a touch of X-COM in there too, in the ship/base management aspect. If I'm honest though, there's so much described that I don't have the foggiest how it'll actually play - sounds like a sackful of great ideas, and very much my sort of thing, on paper, but whether it'll all coalesce into something slick and coherent I don't know.

I adore the art though, even if Capy/Superbrothers are owed something of a debt. Though the debt is perhaps more to the old Delphine adventure games, such as Future Wars. I loved the bejeesus out of that at the time, even though it mad and frustrating and insanely punitive and I'd surely loathe it now. Anyway, Space Princess looks like a hyper-detailed take on that stuff, with a rather more wry sense of retro-futurism and Star Wars nods.

That music.

Again: I have no sense of at all of whether this is any good, but I'm tempted to back it just to get one of the mugs. Then I realise I'd be paying 90 euros primarily for a mug, which I'd probably have to wait months for, so perhaps I should take a screenshot on a USB key to Boots and make myself an unofficial Galactic Princess mug for eight quid right now.

Enough of my coffee receptacle dilemma, though. If you want to back Galactic Princess, it's here and currently has about £12k of its desired 20k.

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