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Still Not On The Road To Kentucky Route Zero Act III

Big wheel keep on turning

[Waves arms wildly]I DON'T HAVE RELEASE DATE FOR YOU DON'T GET EXCITED[/waves arms wildly]

Wolf Among Us isn't the only recent episodic game playing silly buggers with our expectations: there's still no sign of when the passenger door episode III to RPS GOTY 2013 Kentucky Route Zero will open and offer us a ride down its strange, whip-smart highway. To some degree I'm less troubled by the wait than I was by WAU's, as I'm not really in KRZ for the plot - it's more of an experiential thing for me, as wanky as that might sound. I would like more of it and soon, though.

Devs Cardboard Computer have attempted to allay fears that something terrible has happened behind the scenes, and explained why no KRZE3 date yet. Apparently it will be "significantly more involved than the first two acts." Maybe that means it'll have guns! Or a jump button! Or microtransactions!

On the delayed releases of episode 1 and 2 they say "it was pretty demoralizing to miss deadlines, and the barrage of negative attention that followed made it only more difficult to focus on work. More importantly, we’ve learned that our process is quite exploratory, experimental, and unpredictable anyway."

As such, they prefer to "allow the project to grow organically", letting things become more complex or even be discarded as required, in order that they're "respecting the game rather than the timeline."

For this project I think that's the smart call, though I'll likely change my tune if we find ourselves many months down the line without any outward results. I want KRZ to keep feeling special, not wind up rushed or compromised in any way because someone was too worried about meeting a deadline or getting shouted at by internet people.

The devs also point out that the freebie act 2/3 interlude/perspective-shifted interactive play The Entertainment wound up being a larger undertaking than they'd expected, but "we’re very happy with how it came out." Apparently its true import will only become clear in the wake of Act III proper, but they reckon The Entertainment is "at least as important a component of the Kentucky Route Zero project as any other." So go get it, basically. I really must get around to trying the Oculus Rift version.

As for Act II itself, all they're giving away is that there are "components of it that grew in scale beyond our expectation, but we feel they’re worth the time and effort."

I hope so. Again, the wait grates a little, but I'd certainly rather that than be met with something that was in any way perfunctory.

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