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Kentucky Route Zero's fifth and final act has arrived

Time to finish the journey

Act V of Kentucky Route Zero has finally launched, ending a journey that many in the RPS treehouse have come to love. If you haven't played the adventure game before, now is the perfect time to jump into Cardboard Computer's mysterious trip through a secret highway below Kentucky - but don't take my word for it, because almost everyone at RPS has had great things to say about this weird and wonderful game.

"KRZ is a tour through a ghostly other-America, and is so dedicated to taking its sweet, gentle time about it that it even saddles one of its lead characters with a limp early on in order to ensure you do the same," Alec wrote before he died, in a piece all about the best non-violent games.

"It will make your mind churn with both emotion and analysis, but never in an exhausting manner; instead, in one that will make you question yourself as well as its characters."

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The update that brings us Act V includes all the free "interludes" released between episodes, which are all strange sorts of previews and different perspectives on events from each Act.

On top of reviewing Acts one, two, three and four, RPS have also named Kentucky Route Zero one of the best adventure games ever made and one of the best bite-size games for busy lives. As well as this, the game has some phenomenal dialogue that The Mechanic thoughtfully explains here.

We even pronounced it game of the year back in 2013 when only the first two episodes were out. It really is a popular one with the hivemind, and I've been waiting for all the Acts to finally be together so I can get properly stuck in and join in all the loving conversations the team has about it.

Kentucky Route Zero is available on Steam, Itch and GOG, and Act V is live right now. The game also launched today on PS4, Xbone, and Nintendo Switch.

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