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Soothing Breeze: Windborne Early Access

Most Reassuring Game 2014

When we first posted about Windborne, Jim commented on what a departure from Hidden Path's usual fare it was. Social sandboxing is far enough from their bang-bang, pew-pew norm, but the tone is perhaps the biggest change. It's tranquil in the extreme, expanding the theme of creation and peaceful co-habitation to encompass not only the mechanics but the world as well. They've taken the Early Access plunge and I've never felt calmer watching a trailer. I'm slightly worried I dreamed the whole experience. Am I even awake now? As a test, check it out below.

Could this be the fabled loveliest game? It certainly has all the soothingly deep-voiced hallmarks. A closer look will have to be taken to identify how much cuddly meat there is on its rose-scented bones, but given there's all this plus dragons, I can already feel my stoney heart melting. Confession: I have trouble deciding if my favourite thing is dragons or video games, but combining them is basically the cheat code for my attention. You can grab it now, if you like, with optional DLC (yeah, for an early access game) for that sweet, sweet guaranteed dragon among other extras.

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