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Correction Regarding Strategy First

On the 5th February, we posted an article about the difficulty a couple of developers say they are having getting payment or replies from publisher, Strategy First. Strategy First has since contacted us to challenge a number of points contained in the article.

First of all, when referring to the single payment Crescent Moon say they received from Strategy First – a cheque for $200 – we quoted the developer saying it was “invalid”. Strategy First have confirmed that the cheque was valid and went either uncashed voluntarily or that any difficulties experienced in cashing the cheque may have arisen because it was drawn on a Canadian bank account. Strategy First tells us they pay all US suppliers this way and say that they have no difficulties, and further want to stress that they are in excellent financial standing.

Secondly, we reported Crescent Moon’s position that the contract with Strategy First stated that the publisher could not put their game, Paper Monsters, onto Steam. This was incorrect, and both parties agree the contract contains no such clause. In fact, Crescent Moon had understood, as a result of an email exchange, that SF had agreed that they would not publish the game on Steam without first getting Crescent Moon’s permission, a position which is not accepted by Strategy First.

Strategy First have also pointed out that “Chapter 11 bankruptcy” is not a procedure recognised in Canada. This was the term used in news reports about the company’s financial position in 2005.

Strategy First also do not accept the claims made by developers that they have not paid monies that are due or that they have failed to respond to requests from developers for sales information.

We are happy to make Strategy First’s position clear.

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