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Hunted By A Freak: Evolve Baits Us With A Trailer

Run through the jungle

Words about Evolve, Turtle Rock's forthcoming 4v1 co-op beast hunting game, are no good for you, eh? You animal. You monster. Well, have a carefully-edited and highly-stylised promotional video instead. A proper one though, not like yesterday's nonsense.

That's quite a good trailer, pre-rendered or no. It does actually contain quite a few smaller elements from the game - the role of minor wildlife, some of the gadgets, the hunters trying not to let the monster know where they're approaching from - but the flow's all different. The Hunters were, in my experience, frantically on the run all the time rather than creeping about nervously. And also everyone's talking to each other all the time, or at least they should be. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH, TURTLE ROCK MARKETING MATERIALS PEOPLE.

There you go, anyway. I'm really rather looking forwards to finding out what the new monster types are.

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