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Garrett Expectations: Another Thief Trailer

Pleeeeeease be good.

In this Thief trailer, someone has stolen Daniel Day-Lewis from the movie There Will Be Blood. Check your DVDS and you'll see all that's left is a mess of dangling pixels and a top hat. But in a surprising twist, another thief has stolen his acting ability and also made off with his voice, so what you get in this little slice of life from The City is, well, it's not well-acted. I'm actually okay with the words and the animation, even if makes it look like someone has stolen the in-game, but the Thief Taker General has all the authority and presence of a fluffed-up kitten.

I am having complicated and mixed emotions about this new Thief. I got the fear with the Thief 101 trailer--I just noticed that RPS didn't post it, so I've included it in this post--and what worried me was the voice-over saying: "The shadows are your only ally". The trailer later showed you have a thing called the 'Focus Ability' which allows you to peek through walls and see where you can split open pipes to burn patrolling guards. So the shadows are hardly your only ally. And Thief's greatest power was that you didn't know what was around the corner, so I am annoyed by that existing in principle. I also wish I weren't so picky about all this.

Buuuuuuuuttt, when you delve deep into some of the game's community interaction, there are encouraging things. A while ago I read this blog post on the game's community site, and it thrills me to see that a lot of that helpful frippery can be toggled off, and that you can customise the difficulty. It is a loot glint of hope for me. Of course, I'll probably switch everything off, whack up the difficulty, and then complain it's too damn hard. I am a man on the internet and that is my right.

I will still be playing it the minute it unlocks.

Thief is out Feb 25th in the US and on Feb 27th in the UK. I'd tell you why, but I'd have to kill you.

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