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Seven: The Days Long Gone is out this day


What the hell is Seven: The Days Long Gone? Is it cyberpunk or technofantasy? Is it an isometric homage to Thief, or an open-world version of Shadow Tactics, or some kind of bug-eyed, zoomed-out Assassin’s Creed? It’s too early in the day (half past twelve in the afternoon) for me to answer these questions with any clarity. But the developers would probably say it’s all of the above. It’s out today if you badly wanted to find out.

You play as a thieving scoundrel, shackled and transported to the prison island of Peh. “From the moment you set foot on Peh,” says the blurb, “the island is open to you…. You are free to explore wherever you please; only security checkpoints, monster-infested areas, and dangerous factions stand in your way!” That means, judging by the trailers, a lot of jumping on rooftops and slinking across sewage pipes.

The studio behind it, Fool’s Theory, include some folks who worked on The Witcher 3, like senior quest designer Jakub Rokosz and composer Marcin Przybyłowicz. That doesn’t guarantee good things but fans of Geralt’s misadventures might be comforted. I'm put off by this Shadowrun style of genre fence-sitting, feeling like they clash more than contrast. Less “sweet and salty” and more “sour and spicy”. But even I’ll admit it at least looks different.

It’s out on Steam , GOG and Humble for about £28.

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