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Double Fine's Unused 'Bad Golf 2' Idea Being Made By Fans


Perhaps Bad Golf 2 will prove to be the One Direction of Double Fine's latest Amnesia Fortnight prototype-off. Not selected as a winning project in the X-Factorish voting, it seemed destined to never become a reality - until fans decided to make it anyway. And now it's generating more headlines than any of the 'official' picks did.

Fortunately, Double Fine have given it their blessing. I.e. they haven't sent a pack of lawyers after it.

This is Bad Golf 2. There was never a Bad Golf 1. Repeat, there was never a Bad Golf 1. Although Bad Golf 2 was also unsuccessfully proposed for 2012's Amnesia Fortnight too.

Basically, it's to PGA Tour et al what Road Rash is to Moto GP. Sounds like a giggle. A giggle in pringle. A gingle.

And so it is that 18 folk are working on it for fun, and for free, over here. They've even got a test build already.

As for Double Fine, they're cool with it. BG2 ideasmith Patrick Hackett, a 'tech guru' at Double Fine, told Eurogamer that "Personally, I was flattered by the idea that people would want to collaborate to make a game idea of mine. I really couldn't have been more excited to hear about this idea and told them I'd support them as much as I could."

"As for it being Double Fine's property - Greg and I brought the situation up to Tim and Justin and they approved of the idea, citing that any production should remain in the creative commons. Because of that, the project's source control repository is available for free and the final product will never be sold."

He also hopes that this will be "a huge boost to the possibility of a DF created Bad Golf title. Bad Golf 3 in 2015!!"

C'mon, Bad Golf 4, surely.

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