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18-Part Double Fine Documentary Goes Free

18 episodes (and counting) of behind the scenes fun

Depending on who you ask, the first Double Fine Kickstarter was for an underwhelming adventure game which snaffled up far more money than it needed, or it was for a fascinating warts and all insight into the making of a high profile videogame which at the very least tried to reach for the stars. I'm not sure either stance is particularly accurate - i.e. given the aesthetic quality of the game it's not at all hard to see how the money got legitimately spent, but equally Broken Age wasn't the grand point'n'click comeback we'd hoped for - but there's no question that the extensive and human Making Of documentary series also provided to backers sweetened the deal enormously.

And now the rest of us get to watch it too, for no-pennies.

The first three episodes OF The Double Fine Adventure are up on YouTube now, with a couple more planned every week. If you can't wait there is the option to send some cash Double Fine's way and get immediate DRM-free download access to all 18 (and counting) episodes to date. 'Early Bird' access costs $10, but it'll go up to $15 once part two of Broken Age is released.

I suppose I might as well just embed 'em instead of talking about 'em. Here you go - all being well, this should segue into the second and third episodes at the appropriate point.

Watch on YouTube

The series was made by 2 Player Productions, and covers three years in the life of Tim Schafer's studio as they take to Kickstarter, make Broken Age and more.

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