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Double Fine Releasing Broken Age Act 2 On April 28th

More documentary episodes free too

Imagine the comedic potential of the second half of something called Broken Age [official site] coming out. Something about how it's fixed. Jokes about superglue. Jibes about Double Fine being 'butterfingers' warning them not to drop it again. You could reference Atomic Kitten's Whole Again or Coldplay's Fix You [no links, not now, not ever -ed.]. Endlessly entertaining.

At the end of the day, all you'd be trying to do is drag out news that Double Fine have announced plans to release the second half of their crowdfunded adventure game on April 28th.

That's when it'll arrive on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other things beyond the remit of a PC games site, Double Fine tweety twooed. Back before they realised quite how much work they had to do, the developers had planned to release the second act in April or May 2014. Better late than... well.

Our John was quite charmed by Broken Age's first act, and he suspected some of its problems might be caused by the game being split.

Broken Age's Kickstarter was also to fund a documentary about the making of the game, mind. Double Fine have started releasing more and hunks of 2 Player Productions' docufruit for free for everyone. So far, up to episode nine (of eighteen) has gone public, and you can find the rest in this playlist or, y'know, buy the lot.

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