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Wot I Made: Sir, You Are Being Hunted V1.0

Blowing My Own Trombone

We're not going to be publishing a Wot I Think of the game Sir, You Are Being Hunted because one of the principle people behind it - although secondary in overall accomplishment to the mercurial Tom Betts and the incendiary James Carey - is me. I started a small game design company (just the three of us) back in 2010, and in November 2012 we Kickstarted our first big project, which was the open-world stealth and survival game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted. Today, after just over eight months of Early Access, that project hits V1.0. This means that we've done what we promised we'd do in the Kickstarter, and the game is superb shape. It's out and you should play it. That's my objective analysis of the situation, anyway.

Oh, and there's a Professor Elemental video below to celebrate the release. You should watch that.

First though, here's a launch trailer from our design lead, James Carey.

And I think that sums it up nicely.

But here's a further summary: Sir, You Are Being Hunted is an open world game of stealth, and as such I think it is fairly unusual. It employs procedural systems to generate British landscapes across five biomes (rural, industrial, castle, fen and mountain), which we then populate with merciless robots. As you rebuild your teleporter to escape, so the hunt intensifies. It's intended to be a challenging experience, with particularly tricky AI enemies.

It also has a stuffed badger as an inventory item, which is a feature I feel many games neglect these days:

Needless to say, I will write more about the experience of making important design decisions like this at a later date. There's much to be learned from the Menu Pheasant and the Trombone Slide.

Finally, as promised, here's Big Robot chum and Brighton's master rapper, Professor Elemental, providing a musical hurrah for the big day:

As for reviews, well, I am just beaming that Harvey "Deus Ex / Dishonored" Smith called the game "so good" back in January.

That'll do. That'll do.

[Header image for this post is by the talented Christian Anderson.]

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