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Sir, You Are Being Remastered

A wee Rossignol-era headline there, for old times' sake

The robotic gentry are returning, gunning for your hide as you try to escape the horrors of the English countryside. And in the game, wahey! Which is to say that Big Robot, the studio of RPS co-founder Jim Rossignol, have announced a remaster of their 2014 sandbox survival shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted. That'll be a whole separate game but the original isn't forgotten, receiving a big ol' patch which spruces up the look and technoguts while restoring multiplayer.

Due in February 2022, Sir, You Are Being Hunted: Reinvented Edition is a "remastered" version of 2014's first-person survival sandbox set in procedurally generated English countryside with an ecosystem of terrible robots hunting you. Expect an overhaul of the visuals, an optional perk system, bigger islands, revamped audio and UI and such, along with with modernised controls and quality-of-life options. Details are thin for now but hey, it's a remaster, you get it.

I'd hazard a guess that the main reason for Reinvented's existence is that it will bring the game to Nintendo Switch, but it is coming to PC too. See, got a Steam page and everything. Folks who own the original on Steam will be offered a 20% discount on Reinvented.

Before all that, ye olde Sir has been updated with patch 1.5. That has restored multiplayer and brought back official servers, made islands generate faster, tweaked the UI for widescreen monitors, whacked in higher-resolution textures, fixed bugs, and more.

The Reinvented Edition and new patch are led by Den Of Thieves Games, a Dutch studio focused on remasters and ports. See their announcement for more details on patch 1.5, though not really more details on Reinvented.

In the absence of a trailer for Reinvented, here's the original:

Watch on YouTube

We never formally reviewed the game but Alec did say, "It's a shame that you can't trust a word I say about Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Madam options are also available in-game, FYI), because I really do believe that there are reasons you should play it, and it's not just a case of 'my mate made this'."

After SYABH, Big Robot continued to explore worlds populated by mechanical men with the FPS The Signal From Tölva and sneaky horror game The Light Keeps Us Safe. Longtime Big Roboteer Tom Betts announced a new game all of his own only last week, a roguelite retro FPS named Into The Pit.

Disclosure: Jim Rossignol co-founded RPS, obvs, and I know/knew Tom Betts a wee bit. Once went to a sonic sculpture installation by Zimoun with Tom, years back. Lovely room of motorised cardboard boxes wobbling and making noises. Very good.

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