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Alpharrrrrr: Caribbean! Boards Steam Early Access

Videogame piracy

The concept of 'Mount & Blade with pirates and pirate ships' is probably enough to sell a fair few people on a game, but what if that's not enough? What if they need more? What if they demand razzmatazz? This problem calls for dramatic punctuation. Bang on an exclamation and bosh wallop, we have Caribbean! and the Internet falls over itself in excitement.

Snowbird's piratical sandbox action-RPG has now hit Steam Early Access in alpha at £10.99.

Calling it "Mount & Blade with pirates" isn't just lazily dismissive, mind. Caribbean! is built on Mount & Blade: Warband's engine and is awfully similar at its core. It's the classic M&B formula of building armies, leading them into battle, conquering, trading, and becoming a mighty leader.

Only this time it's about pirates, so you can roam the seas on upgradeable ships, manage a crew, get into naval battles with cannons blasting away, and send your chaps in to board the enemy. Also you get to wear a pirate hat and some magnificent doublets. And it's really sunny.

Snowbird say Caribbean! is "70% complete" as it hits Early Access, and are planning to add odds and ends like siege artillery and factional meta-goals. Pirates, for example, might win by fending off Englishmen come to quash them. Here's a dev diary with more on what is and isn't in right now:

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