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Meet Von FrankenDoom: Viktor

Castle Crashlevania


The realms are at peace, which is a good thing, but one of them is called 'The Netherworld', which doesn't bode well. It's a sinister name and no doubt the Netherworld is much like Earth's Netherlands, all terrifying tulips, wicked windmills and baroque bicycles. Turns out the leader of the Netherlands is a chap called Mephistopheles and he enjoys piloting aircraft and participating in lengthy ice skating tours. As for the Netherworld, the ruler there goes by the name Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand and he's preparing to lay siege to the Overworld. In the upcoming side-on action-adventure Viktor, the titular hero must evade deadly traps, defeat enemies and confront monstrous bosses in order to crush Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand.

The last time I ended up slumped over an ashtray in an Amsterdam cafe I saw a couple of those beasties leaking out of the corner of the room.

Viktor is coming to Steam in the near future and its Blink-like teleportation mechanic looks like a nifty way to survive a crowded screen of monster tentacles. I'm still not sure if Viktor has a tail, long hair or a funky scarf though. Could even be a cape, I guess, to go with the goth-friendly atmosphere.

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