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Shhhhh! Payday 2 Stealth Heist Sneaks In Tomorrow

Free in the Shadow Raid update

You can be stealthy in Payday 2, sure, but if your sneaky sneaking falls you can always fall back on the old pop-pop and blam-blam your way to riches. Not with the latest mission you can't, you Loud Larries, Noisy Nellies, and Clodhopping Charlies. No, shhh, you can't throw that grenade no matter how funny it'd be. No, save all your fighting for when we get to the park. If you don't stop screaming, we're turning this heist right around and going home. The new Shadow Raid heist, you see, will be Payday's first proper stealth mission when it arrives tomorrow in a free update.

Shadow Raid will see your merry band of bandits robbing a crate-filled compound owned by Murkywater, a mercenary company with a habit of swiping things from warzones. The grand goal is a timelocked vault which takes two keycards to open (which seems to secure fancy samurai armour), but you might not make it. If any alarm is sounded at any point, you'll only have 60 seconds to haul rump the pickup spot with whatever you've swiped. No, Gary, you can't put the samurai armour on now. We're in a hurry. No, no swords either.

Overkill are planning a Steam trial weekend and 67%-off sale to accompany the launch, from Thursday through to Monday.

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