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To Arms Brothers! Space Hulk Adds Co-op

3v1 multiplayer for the Emperor and all that

Shhh! Read this in silence. If Alec catches wind of it, he'll start babbling "Space Hulk Space Hulk Hulk Space Spulk Hace Spalk Ace Ace Ace Ace" all over again, his face flitting between ecstasy and agony, and we've only just got him settled since the last Space Hulk news. Shhh. Quietly round up a few battle brothers and let them know that Space Hulk's long-promised co-op has arrived in a new patch today. Actually it's a cooperative-competitive mode, pitting several Space Marines against one Genestealer.

The 3v1 mode puts three Space Marine players in command of one Terminator squad each, while the Genestealer player directs all the nasty crawling blighters. Hive mind, y'see. It'll work with all multi-squad missions. Today's update also gives multiplayer a "complete overhaul," developers Full Control say, with a new lobby system to help players find each other for violence.

Accompanying all this is a new five-mission DLC mini-campaign, Harbinger of Torment. It'll send Space Marines off to stop a hulk smashing into a planet, and I suspect that maybe, just maybe, the derelict will have a Genestealer infestation. It costs £3.99 on Steam.

Space Hulkers, how have you found the game lately? It was in a sorry state at launch, upsetting both Rab and--shhh--Alec, but Full Control have released a fair few patches since then. What's it like now, y'all?

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