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Space Hulk: Tactics docking in October

When I say "Space", you say "Hulk"

When I say "Space", you say "Hulk".



When I say "is due out October 9th, publishers Focus Home announced today", you say "What's this one about?"

Space (HULK!): Tactics is due out October 9th, publishers Focus Home announced today. (What's this one about?) This latest adaptation of the venerated Games Workshop tabletop wargame does that same ol' top-down turn-based tactical thing, only this time with the twist of special power-up cards. You can catch fleeting glimpses of this Space Marine vs. Tyranid action in a new trailer below.

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Focus are being a little too kind to themselves in calling that a "gameplay trailer". But you can at least see that: it is Space (HULK!), with playable Space (HULK!) no, Marines and Tyranids, and cards, and customisation options.

Remember the distant year of 2012, back when Games Workshop video games were rare enough that the mere idea of a new Space--no, you can stop now, thank you--Hulk made our Alec trip his tits off? Times sure have changed. And that game was a bit beh. These days we've got more Warhammer 40K games than we know what to do with and even a Space Hulk FPS (it's a bit beh).

Space Hulk: Tactics is made by Cyanide Studio, the French mob behind the games based on Games Workshop's Blood Bowl. It'll cost £35/€40/$40 when it hits Steam on October 9th.

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