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Space Hulk: Tactics trailer explains Genestealer trickery

How to make friends and infiltrate people

Warhammer 40K Space Marines in Terminator armour stomping through levels shooting aliens in their many faces is fairly familiar and easy to understand, even when playing out as turn-based combat in Space Hulk: Tactics, but their Genestealer foes are a bit trickier. Unlike some recent Spulk games, Tactics will let us play as those sneaky Tyranids too, which will be novel for many who didn't play the original Games Workshop tabletop wargame. So, what do bugmen want, how does one go about pretending to control a larger force of bugs than one actually does, and just how delicious is a Space Marine's face? Some of these questions are answered in a new trailer below.

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The Genestealers are a sly bunch, see, all about deception. Their units are initially deployed as potential units, as signatures which appear on the Space Marine radar as threats but in reality can contain between zero and three units. Those gits with their shiny helmets could be chasing ghosts, for all they know, and it's your job to keep 'em guessing while setting up ambushes and clever plays. While Space Marines have gone to the derelict spaceships to complete objectives, the only Genestealers just want to get those humies.

The Space Marines and Genestealers get their own story campaigns in Tactics, and it has competitive online multiplayer too obvs. A map editor is promised too.

Warhammer 40K games are of variable quality these days, but developers Cyanide Studio have okay experience with Games Workshop adaptations, being behind the recent Blood Bowl games. Space Hulk: Tactics isn't running off pure Spulk rules, mind, as it does introduce cards with special boosts and abilities. Not saying that's bad, just different. Different games for different environments.

Space Hulk: Tactics is due to launch on October 9th. It will cost £35/€40/$40 on Steam. Focus Home Interactive are publishing.

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